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Monday, November 2, 2009

Knowing is half the battle...

You think that you know people. You think that you know what's going to happen if you say something or respond in a certain way. You expect people to be nice and honest. You expect that the world is ultimately good and so are the people in it. When you find out that none of this is really true and actually a rarity, it is probably not the first time you realize what disappointment is, but it's a familiar feeling. The worse time you feel it, though, is when it's for yourself. When you are the one that reacts or says something that makes someone uneasy. When you are not nice or not completely honest. When you just don't care. It happens to the best of us and probably for the simplest of reasons. Moms aren't supposed to disappoint, right? But we do all the time, moreso to ourselves than anyone else. When it happens to me, I just gotta let it out - whether it be shedding a few tears or blasting hawaiian music and cleaning the house until it reeks of bleach. The achievement is when Mom moves on and everything is good again. Everyone is happy, everything is back to where it's supposed to be. The insomnia stops for a while and the everyday craziness ensues once again... that's how you know that you know your limits, how you know that even though you'll be disappointed again one day, you're resilient enough to move forward.

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